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Bella and Elle Media

About Us

Bella and Elle Media is a TV and  film production company based in Florida, with a focus on creating impactful documentaries on health topics that are not covered enough. Founded by Charles Mattocks the award winning TV and film producer, Charles is seen on everything from CNN, The today show, Good morning America and featured in some of the biggest publications for his advocacy in health. Charles is a published author with the ADA and Blue Circle Champion with the IDF.  Charles passion for people and their stories has taken us around the world shedding light on health topics that affect us all. Our company  has become a bridge between story telling, inspiration and health and wellness. Our shows air on many major networks and have won awards around the world for their gripping social impact and story telling. 

The Team

Our Team

Charles Mattocks


Brandi Kasperski

Brand relations & Producer 

Alejandra Rosabal

Production Manager

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