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season 2

Following the overwhelming success of season one of Reversed, Charles and the producers are working on creating another amazing season that will take a new set of guests, both type1 and type 2 diabetics, to another exciting location!


The new season will come with more exciting twists and turns as we will introduce a ketogenic diet along with Intermittent fasting. The guests will be put in situations where they will be pushed to make the changes to live a better overall quality of life.


The results of the guests from season 1 have been truly amazing and they have maintained their changes and have become advocates for diabetes and better health.  Some guests and experts from season one will be brought back to be house mentors and experts. 


host and creator

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CHARLES MATTOCKS is an Award-Winning Actor, Director, Producer, Television Host and Health Advocate whose priority for health first and saving lives does not get in his way of excelling in all areas of the business.The Nephew of the late great Bob Marley, Mattocks comes from a very high profile family lineage so it is no surprise that he is taking the Healthcare world by storm. An accomplish Actor, Charles Mattocks notably starred with a pivotal role in “ The Summer of Ben Tyler” alongside legends James Woods and Elizabeth McGovern. The movie garnered six nominations during the award season and Variety Magazine declared, “In Charles Mattocks, a star is born'. As an author, producer, and director, his work has been showcased with appearances on CNN, The Today Show, Dr. Oz, Fox News, Good Morning America, The Talk, The Martha Stewart Show and numerous media outlets worldwide. Charles’ world changed the minute he was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. As he stared death in the face, he knew he had a larger mission to make changes not only for himself but so many others! He armed himself with education and determination and began to reverse his condition. He documented his process in a provocative documentary, “


The Diabetic You”, which peels back the curtain on the good, the bad, and the ugly of the diabetes epidemic. This film set his advocacy in motion, with Charles ascending to become a Blue Circle Champion for the International Diabetes Association and a published author for the American Diabetes Association.


Charles created, directed, and executive produced “Reversed”, the highly acclaimed diabetes reality docuseries, on Discovery Life Channel. The show received much recognition from both critics and medical professionals and earned a second season pick-up – this time focusing on HIV. He also produced Trial By Fire, about his mother’s rare disease, complex regional pain syndrome. The buzz worthy success of Reversed inspired WGN network to continue Charles’ healing quests, so, in January, 2020 Charles’ groundbreaking new series, Eight Days, premiered. The series follows the raw ups and downs of five cancer patients as they wage their battle for survival and journey toward healing. Just as he did in reversed, Charles will guide his patients toward positive outcomes beyond their wildest expectations.



House Expert

DR Ken Berry

Unlike most doctors, I love questions and ideas from you…


I used to be a fat, miserable, ignorant doctor, until I slowly discovered the power of removing the slow-poisons of the standard diet, and replacing them with the nourishment of a proper human diet…


I am a Board Certified Family Physician and Fellow in The American Academy of Family Physicians. I have been practicing Family Medicine in rural Tennessee for over a decade, and have seen over 20,000 patients in my career so far.No big medical words here, just plain talk you can use to stay healthy and happy. If you like it limp-wristed and sugar-coated then you should probably look somewhere else.I’ll explain how you can use your diet and your lifestyle to get the health you want. Videos about the low-carb/ketogenic/carnivore diets, intermittent fasting, thyroid health, hormone optimization and much more. I’ve declared all-out war on the epidemics of hyperinsulinemia, diabetes and obesity currently hurting our world, and hurting your health.


Learn how to lose weight, lower your blood sugar, lower your blood pressure, optimize your hormones and more…

House Expert

Maria Emmerich

Maria Emmerich is a wellness expert in nutrition and exercise. She shares a passion for helping others reach their goals of optimal health. She struggled with her weight throughout childhood and decided enough was enough. Maria understands the connection between food and how it makes us all feel on the inside and out. She uses some of the most creative ingredients and recipes to make the foods we all know and love Healthy. She has a unique ability to explain why these little changes make the recipes so much healthier and how these changes affect our bodies and our hormones.

House Expert

Karl Shallowhorn

Mental health advocate, educator, speaker and coach, Karl Shallowhorn, has a proven track record of delivering engaging and informative presentations to wide-ranging audiences across the United States. His combination of lived experience and clinical expertise makes him a unique resource, whether you are looking for a keynote speaker, behavioral health trainer or leadership development coach.

Karl is the author of Working on Wellness: A Practical Guide to Mental Health, Leadership Through the Lens of the 12 Steps and is the creator of a Mastermind course based on the 12 Step Leadership concept. He has been a featured blogger and writer for BP magazine. Karl has received numerous awards for his work in the mental health field including from the National Federation of Just Communities and the Buffalo Association of Black Social Workers. He has also been selected as a presenter for TedX Buffalo 2021 with his topic being, “African American Men and Mental Health: Crisis or Opportunity.”As a person in long-term recovery from bipolar and co-occurring addiction disorder, Karl’s goal is to help people discover their unmet potential and eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness. He has educated diverse audiences, including behavioral health providers, law enforcement, youth, educators, veterans and faith communities, among others.Karl has worked professionally for over 28 years in the fields of addiction counseling, mental health advocacy, higher education. Karl received his Bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting and Master’s degree in Student Personnel Administration from SUNY Buffalo State. He also earned his New York State Credential in Addiction Counseling and completed the University at Buffalo Online Trauma-Informed Clinical Foundation Program.


Special Guest's 

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Dr Delfin

currently casting for season 2

to be a guest on season 2, contact us at


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