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Reversed longevity

The quest to live a longer and healthier life has captured the interest of humanity for many

centuries. Man has long sought the proverbial “Fountain of Youth”, with widely varying methods

aimed at achieving longer lifespans. In modern times, this concept of “longevity” has generated

increasing interest. Billions of dollars of investment are being directed into research efforts and

business ventures alike, including regenerative medicine, measuring our biological age, to

interventions of many kinds aimed at slowing, halting or even, daringly, reversing the process of

aging itself.

longevity cast

‘Reversed: The Race for Longevity’ is a new docuseries produced by the award-winning

filmmaker Charles Mattocks, known for his work on many health topics such as diabetes,

cancer, and complex regional pain syndrome, to name a few. Hosted by longevity technology

expert Dr. Nick Engerer, it will call upon a team of scientific experts, entrepreneurs, and

visionaries, including, Dr. Robert Lufkin, Nikolina and Gordan Lauc, Bradley Schurman, Dr. Joel

Furhman, Alan Graves, Andrea B Maier and Nir Barzilai.

Through deep exploration of the latest in research, technology, and innovations in the field of

longevity, the series will reveal the surprising and dramatic changes in the way humanity will

soon approach and think of aging. Through adoption of a highly accessible format, involving

real-life, everyday people interacting with longevity technologies, it aims to reach the masses

with a message of hope and excitement.The series will focus on science, exploring the tough questions still outstanding about what we really know about aging. It will also use available real-world data to back its surprising claims as it reveals how changes in nutrition, exercise, intermittent fasting and other tools, that can significantly contribute to living longer and healthier lives. The four-part series will be seen on major OTT platforms, the future of health is now. 

What is ‘longevity’?


There are many ways to answer this question, most of them point to the scientific and technological advancements which are enabling us to live longer, healthier lives.  However, these are only one component of the concept of ‘longevity’.  More fundamental than these advancements is the shift in mindset that is now possible, given all that we know about aging and the human condition more broadly.  Put simply, a longevity mindset embraces the principle that you are in charge of your aging destiny.  


Our future is one that already enables a significant shift in the number of healthy years you can spend on this planet - years with loved ones, years of rich experience, years of living out your purpose, in service to others.  What is paramount is doing the work required to change all the programming that you have been served over the years about what ‘aging’ looks like.  It does not mean years of being housebound in slow decline. It does not mean a one way ticket to the diseases experienced by your own parents, your grandparents and those before them.  


Instead, with a longevity mindset, you take control of your aging future - by choosing to see that you can live many, many more healthy years, disease free and strong, no matter what age you are now.


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